We are STRIVING to align our Mission with YOU!

Fassler Garden and Yoga strives to create a holistic connection between body, mind, and spirit through the practices of yoga and gardening. Through yoga, we aim to help people move their bodies in ways that support physical and mental wellbeing. Gardening provides an opportunity to connect with nature and to reap the benefits of growing and cultivating your own fruits, vegetables, herbs or flowers. We believe that the combination of these two practices is a powerful way to bring balance and harmony to life. Our goal is to help people find peace and inner strength as they create a deeper connection to themselves and their environment

Who We Are

Hi! We are Marla and Steve Fassler, owners of Fassler Garden and Yoga. What started as a passion for gardening and yoga has grown into a successful small business that offers workshops, yoga, and handcrafted organic salves and balms. Marla and Steve have worked hard for over 15 years to create a peaceful and healing atmosphere that has become a popular destination for many looking to relax, unwind, and learn more about gardening and yoga.

Marla and Steve have created a life and home that they never want to take a vacation from. For more than 15 years Marla has taught yoga at the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids and has earned her RYT200 Yoga Certification through YogaFit. Steve works full time at Costco, but they have both found a way to incorporate their passion for gardening and connecting with the community into their daily lives. They have found ways to make their home and garden a place of beauty and peace, and a place for them to always come back to. They have also found ways to connect with their community, by participating in local events, and by offering their services and expertise to those in need. With their combined experience and knowledge, Marla and Steve have been able to create a life and home that they never want to take a vacation from.

Our Mission

At Fassler Garden and Yoga, our mission is to create a safe, welcoming, and inspiring space where people can come to explore the joys of gardening and the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga free from competition and judgement . Whether you’re tending to a potted garden or cultivating an acre, stepping onto your mat for the first time or have an established practice, we strive to foster an environment where everyone can learn, grow, and connect with nature, themselves and each other.